Welcome to the TGYNH (The Gospel You've Never Heard) front page. The pane on the right shows several places you can go and things you can do from here:

The Discussion Forum is designed to support the readers of the book. There you can share your experiences with the book, network with others who have read it, ask questions you might have about the content, and discuss anything relating to Christianity. My blog has a different format but similar content.

I encourage you to place a pin on the Reader Map. You can also use the Reader Map to contact others. If you've written a review for TGYNH, you use the gold pin, otherwise use the blue one.

There are over 1000 scripture citations in TGYNH, and many of them are not quoted in the book. If you don't have your Bible handy, you can use the Index Page to quickly read the biblical passages referenced.

If you have questions or criticisms regarding the book you would like the author to respond to, you can enter those in the appropriate form. I will be responding to these as I can on the Reader Response Blog.

Note, this website is not a promotional site. I do not put ads out with this url on them; in theory, people should find their way here because they actually have the book already.